5 Simple Ways To Appreciate Your Customers

By  |  August 11, 2018

If you don’t appreciate your customers, who will? Guess who will? Your competitors would.

Appreciation always goes a long way no matter how small. Gratitude unlocks more opportunities for you as an individual and as a brand.

No one ever lost by showing due appreciation. Also, guess what? Appreciation doesn’t have to be expensive; it can be cost-effective, creative, and thoughtful as well.

Every business, in the customer service business segment, should learn how to say ‘thanks’ in memorable and creative ways.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated including your customers! From remembering their names, their birthdays, their choices and preferences, offering the best customer service; everyone wants to feel appreciated one way or another.

Here are 5 Simple Ways to Appreciate your Customers:

Hand-written notes: You never know how far hand-written notes can go! Hand-written can seem old-school, but they are totally creative, thoughtful and worth it. A hand-written note is personal, and everyone would love to keep it! So, get on your creative juices and dish out those hand-written notes

Loyalty programs: You can reward your customers with loyalty programs, and they would love it! Often them discounts on their next purchases or for bringing in new customers.

Spotlight customers: You can spotlight customers who are very engaging on your social media platforms. Make them know you appreciate their involvement in your brand and for engaging with your content. Feature them on your social media pages, websites, or even communication materials

Surprise your customer with a treat: Nothing stops you from sending your best customers a treat! This would make them feel extra special, and they would be motivated to patronize you the more. You can send hampers, cookies, or some of your products!

Surprise them on special occasions: Surprising your customers on special occasions such as their birthdays, anniversaries, and so on can show a great deal of appreciation to them.


How do you appreciate your customers? We would love you to suggest some great ways below!

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