How To Take A Break Without Breaking Your Business

By  |  September 2, 2018

Running a startup is not a cake-walk and entrepreneurs face possibilities of a burnout. It is always a good idea to take a break and leave the worries behind. Perhaps, that’s why going on breaks is considered rejuvenating as it allows bodies and minds to relax. Needless to point out, it does allow for some quality time with friends and families.

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However, how do you get to take breaks that won’t negatively affect your business growth?

One of the reasons why most people don’t go on business breaks is because some businesses are run in a way that they can’t function properly if the founder isn’t available.

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Did you know that one of the ways you can be refreshed and avoid burnout is by taking breaks?

How do you take a break without breaking your business? Find out how below:

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Document your business workflow: One of the ways to make it easier for your team members to handle your business while you are on a break or vacation is to document your business workflow. This would help your team members be more productive and understand their responsibilities. Document your business workflow and distribute it to the people or give the person who would be responsible for some of your tasks while you are on a break. Likewise, you should take out some time to schedule things that you can. If some of your works are mostly on social media, you can plan social media content with social media schedule tools. You can also schedule blog content.

Create a folder for documents your team may need: Create a sharable folder that contains all the material and information your team members may need while you are on a break. This makes things easier for them and you as well.

Communicate to your clients and partners: You also need to inform your clients and partners before you go on a break that you may be inaccessible. In addition, you should connect them with the person they can contact while you are on a break. This makes it easier for your clients and for you as well.

Schedule your breaks when you have fewer deliverables: This is also a great tip you can put to use. When you schedule your breaks when you have fewer deliverables, it would be easy for you to go on breaks without worrying so much about work.

Make sure there is a way to contact you: There might be a time when your team members would need to contact you; you should give them a way to contact you when that time arises. However, make sure they don’t contact you for almost all the things they can do themselves. Likewise, you should create a check-in system where you can check-in on your team and know how they are doing.

Do you have more tips for us? Do drop your comments below; we would love to hear from you.

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