Ghana, Spain Agree To Support Entrepreneurship With USD 6 Mn

By  |  September 21, 2018

The Ministry of Business Development has signed an agreement with the Chamber Institute for Business Creation and Development in a bid to promote and support entrepreneurship.

This agreement produced USD 6,322,350, which will see young and budding entrepreneurs engage in exchange programs in Spain from March 2019.

On the sidelines of this development, the Sector Minister, Mohammed Awal disclosed that the agreement would see more than 2000 young entrepreneurs benefit from the scheme. He remarked that it is a long-term program that is tailored to build young confident and competent entrepreneurs who are willing to drive Ghana Beyond Aid.

The Spanish Ambassador, Alicia Rico, on her part expressed confidence in the impact the agreement will have on the aspect of job creation and all-around entrepreneurship. She as well disclosed that the Spanish government stands prepared to be one of Ghana’s leading economic partners.

Rico remarked that the agreement was signed to offer entrepreneurial training and enable young Ghanaians set up businesses and scout for adequate financing for the creation of jobs and wealth. She said that the understanding would aid Spain’s contribution to the Ghana Beyond Aid agenda, while also remarking that the strong entrepreneurial spirit in Ghana will be of great benefit to the country.

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The Institute for the Creation and Development of Enterprise (INCYDE) Foundation is a platform brought about by the Chambers of Commerce with headquarters in Madrid, Spain. The foundation majors in the development and promotion of the entrepreneurial mindset, bringing about improvements to the qualifications of the entrepreneur, by way of creating and consolidating companies. They also have the relevant methodology, technical tools to help them in the development of training programs in the entrepreneurship field.

Both parties are pulling efforts to boost and encourage young people, both workers and the unemployed, to participate in programs that contribute to their training and professional development. To facilitate the process, it is orchestrated to enable them to adapt to new demands of the job market and lead to the achievement of enhanced livelihoods and sustainable development.

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