SMEs: Mauritius Urges African Governments To ‘Walk The Talk’

By  |  September 24, 2018

The joint expert group meeting held to discuss the role of Small and Medium Enterprises in the industrial process, which was held in Southern Africa on Friday, wrapped up with a clarion call from host Mauritius. The call was made by a Director in the Finance and Economic Ministry of Mauritius, Anil Kumar Kokil, who urged African leaders to walk the talk on agreed programs that will transform the lives of the common people.

With a portion of his closing remarks, he said that African governments and experts had taken firm action to tackle the continent’s problems. He, however, stated that Africa needs to move to the next level of implementing agreed programs and protocols that he reckoned would undoubtedly reverse the fortunes id the continent for good.

According to him, Africa: “Can talk and talk but will remain in the same position as a continent if we do not take initiatives like ones done by Asian leaders – they implemented their actions plans. We need to stop discussing and start acting fast if we are going to eliminate poverty by bringing inclusive development”.

Kokil said that Africa is blessed with enough resources that can be harnessed if all nations would collaborate sincerely in win-win situations for the benefit of all its citizens. “The winds of change will not arrive in Africa if her leaders don’t take us to the next level where wealth can be created for our nations. We must complete things by implementing what we agreed on, so we need to synergize to develop and implement what we agreed and create the new Africa we want”.

Kokil disclosed that Mauritius is determined to make things happen for their nation and that the country would want to achieve economic liberty alongside her African brothers and sisters. “That’s why we are saying Africa needs to awaken and see that the winds of change are blowing all over the world. The focus is on us as the next frontier”.

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Kokil ended his clarion call on the note that the meeting had been an avenue for learning from Mauritius. He remarked that the country’s leadership quality is very high, along with her engagement of cabinet ministers. “Leadership is key to the process of socio-economic transformation,” he said.

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