West Africa This Week: Startup Events Glimpses [24th – 30th September, 2018]

By  |  September 30, 2018

As is the custom, it is our pleasure to bring to your notice the entrepreneurship events happening all over Africa and beyond at the end of each week. In West Africa, here are the glimpses of the happenings in its startup/entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Sensitization Workshop Held In Port Harcourt Nigeria
In the Rivers State capital of Port Harcourt, a one-day sensitization workshop was held for budding entrepreneurs. The keynote speaker for this event was Business Studies Professor from the University of Port Harcourt, Ebenezer Okonkwo. Along this line, the academic urged the entrepreneurs present to invest in the non-food sector of Nigeria, as the food sector has been overburdened with investments already. At this event which was held at the Ministry of Defense Staff Agricultural Cooperative Society (MODACS), he Okonkwo pointed out that opportunities abound in the non-food sector, and that they are soliciting for development.

Lagos Learning Event Organized By EO
Entrepreneurs’ Organization, which is one of the global thought leaders in business, organized and held Lagos Learning Event – a forum for the sharing of experience which featured the President/CEO of Beloxxi Industries Limited. In the event, which was held at the Federal Palace Hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos, was highlighted as Mr. Obi Ezeude shared with the participating entrepreneurs, his rise to fame and entrepreneurial struggles. The event was tagged Tales By Moonlight: An Evening With Ezeude and the guest speaker’s rendition was christened as Zero to Hero: My Success Story. The guest speaker talked on the challenge bound in the Nigerian entrepreneurship landscape and urged participants to never stop believing because anything is possible.

2018 MIT Solve Global Challenge
Although this event was held in New York City, it stands as one of West Africa’s best because one of Nigeria’s startups sealed a place in its doorsteps and brought the win in for the region. Emerging as one of the winners, LifeBank, a Healthtech startup in Nigeria cemented its name in the Massachusetts book of heroes, in the 4th category named Frontlines of Health. The solutions brought about by team LifeBank in the competition are tailored to provide services for disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment where alternatives either do not exist or are inaccessible to cost, distance or stigma. LifeBank uses data smart logistics and a combination of low and high technology such as AI and blockchain, to discover and deliver vital medical products in the bid to save lives across hospitals in Nigeria. The startup would be receiving up to USD 50 K in equity-free funding which would be utilized to accelerate its expansion timeline.

Digital Marketing Training Held in Lagos
A total of 40 entrepreneurs were trained in what was a digital marketing training organized by Google and MTN. Learning how to implement these up-to-date strategies, the entrepreneurs gained requisites knowledge from Deekor Legborsi, the CEO of Squirrel Technologies, in what was a 4- hour session. The group comprised dynamic SMEs who run businesses in various sectors, all of whom were empowered to gain first-hand experience on the way to use digital tools in maximizing their businesses. The facilitators of the program threw light on how the businesspersons can effectively promote their ventures leveraging various digital tools with a limelight on owning business websites, running business ads, and leveraging social media amongst others.

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