How To Successfully Run A Startup Side Hustle Business

By  |  October 2, 2018

I get it…you have a full-time job, but you have an undying passion for running your own startup company. Is it possible? Yes, you can do both.

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Some people prefer to run a side hustle while they maintain their full-time job. Some of the primary reasons for this is because most people use money from their full-time job to fund their side hustle, while some seek some form of stability before quitting their day job.

It is not just about doing both; it is about doing both effectively. How to run your startup side hustle business successfully?

Here are some crucial tips for you:

  1. Have a product your target audience wants: You need to ensure your product or service solves a problem. Most side hustles may sometimes come up as a passion project, however, ensure you are solving a problem. In addition, take out time to study the problem you are solving and give it your best. You can also save money buy test-running your idea before launching fully.
  2. Set SMART goals: Set realistic goals for your business as well as milestones to help you track your goals. Setting goals will give you a clear direction in business.
  3. Solicit for feedback: As much as you can, you should ask for feedback. You need to continually ensure that you are satisfying the needs of your target audience and you are exceeding their expectations.
  4. Understand your Unique Selling Points: One of the ways to stand out online is by having a competitive edge; finding your unique selling point that stands you out from the competition. Your unique advantage can be your distribution network, product offerings, customer service, etc. Your unique position will help you generate increased sales over your competitors.
  5. Learn to Outsource what you can: Remember, you are running a business alongside working full time. And so, you should learn to outsource some of those things you can’t handle all at once, as well as your weaknesses so you can focus on the creative aspect of your business.
  6. Be committed: Once you are running a business alongside your full-time job, it might be difficult to be committed to your business tasks because nobody is telling you to do something or holding you accountable for your tasks. Commitment is important in business, and you need a whole lot of it.
  7. Discipline: Know the thin line between work and business. Don’t work on your business when you should be working at your full-time job, and vice versa. If you need more time for your business, you can leverage your break periods at work, after work periods, weekends, etc. to work on your business.
  8. Know when to quit: It is essential to know when to quit your day job. Don’t quit your day job when you haven’t gained a certain amount of traction in your business. In addition, you should have some form of savings to help you in different situations that may come up later.
Do you have a startup side hustle business?

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