A Startup Guide To Successful Trade Shows And Exhibitions

By  |  October 7, 2018

Are you wondering why you should join tradeshows and exhibitions?

Do you know that there are lots of benefits to gain by joining trade shows and exhibitions?

One of the benefits of joining exhibitions is that you get to meet your customers face-to-face and you have first-hand information about their likes and dislikes, their pains, their preferences, and so on.

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You get to shake hands with your target audience, know how they feel, look them in the eye, and so on. On their end, they get to meet you, understand your brand personality, and even put a face to your brand.

In addition, you get to meet people who are already ready to make a purchase decision as most people who attend trade shows are probably prepared to make a purchase, or they are the key decision makers in their establishments.

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Research shows that “46% of trade show attendees are in Executive or Upper Management.”

Another great benefit of trade shows is that you get to meet different people from different locations. Do you know that some people even travel so far to attend trade shows and exhibitions? Do you know the number of people you can meet at tradeshows?

Research shows that “78% of trade show attendees travel more than 400 miles to attend an exhibition, which means you are getting a national audience at many trade shows.”

Likewise, you get to build your contact and networking. Even while you are marketing, you are networking at the same time. You get to network with fellow exhibitors or attendees depending on whether you are exhibiting at a tradeshow or attending the tradeshow as a guest.

Don’t get to make sure your booth captures the right attention. Don’t just consider what you are coming to market to your audience, remember that packaging matters and there are a lot of distractions at exhibitions. And so, make your design stand-out and ensure it compliments your brand. Put your logos in important areas, let your brand colour stand out, have the right displays, flyers, banners, etc.

When attending trade shows and exhibitions, it is important to bring along the right people from your team. Bring along people who can answer just any question they might get from customers or prospective customers.

Another thing to remember is to ensure you get the contact details of interested customers; don’t just talk to them and forget about them. Once they have shown interest in your brand or have bought from you or paid for your services, you should follow up on them. Follow up is something that would keep you in the minds of your target audience and also stand you apart from your competitors.

Also, leverage social media by talking about the trade shows and exhibitions you would be attending and talk about them during and after they have taken place.


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