West Africa This Week: Startup Event Glimpses

By  |  October 14, 2018

A few notable entrepreneurial events kept West Africa’s startup ecosystem at the edge of their seats and updated with business information. Probably not so agog like before, but these events are surely worthy of note, as they will go a long way in impacting the region’s economic mainstay. In no particular order, here are the few you should know.

QNET Business Session Held In Ghana
QNET is one of Asia’s leading e-commerce and direct selling businesses. In line with the organization’s agenda to always empower African entrepreneurs, especially the ones in Ghana, QNET held sessions with the media and its growing base of independent representatives in the Northern region of Ghana. Along with its fast-growing global footprint, the company has grown from a single-product seller to a dealer in a wide variety of products ranging from health to wellness and holistic living, serving more than 100 countries. Leaders of QNET who met in Tamale and engaged the reps of the region disclosed that several thousands of young Ghanaians have been given a new lease of life and empowered to become entrepreneurs. They also remarked that the group concerts efforts to provide the avenue for entrepreneurs to change their stores by buying and distributing QNET’s products while offering them free professional marketing training.

Total Petroleum Startupper Of The Year Launched In Ghana
This week, Total Petroleum unveiled the second edition of its Startupper of the Year Challenge in a bid to support business creation and development in Ghana. The competition is tailored to support and reward young entrepreneurs who are 35 years of age and below, those who have proven to have formed a company in the past two years. The three winners to emerge from the competition will receive financial support reaching GHC 180 K, extensive publicity and mentored coaching for one year. While the initiative was being launched, the Project Manager, Bright Dokosi, said the application is scheduled between October 9 and November 13, after which the selection process would commence. This year, the competition is also going to honor three top female entrepreneurs from Ghanaian region.

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