Don’t Just Listen, Get noticed – Accepting Applications for BRIDGE East Africa Startup Pitch

By  |  November 12, 2018

Success with collaboration is far more fulfilling than succeeding alone. It is this strength of network that we truly believe in and after thorough deliberation we wanted to open our network. We understand the strife in building up a startup from scratch and how few small steps can be of significance if provided at the right time. It is with this intention that we want to plunge into building small communities that fit into the larger piece of our network.

So just when you thought BRIDGE was just another event for conversations, we have got some exciting news for our rockstar startups. Since the announcement of BRIDGE, we have been repeatedly expressing that our Japanese delegation is equally excited (actually more than us) to meet the East African Startups – so here’s letting the secret open.

Apart from stashing some pearls of wisdom from the maverick speakers, startups also have the chance to showcase their business ideas to the VCs and CVCs hailing from across East Africa and Japan. The stage will be set, the minds will be conducive and our visitors-with-chequebooks will be all ears to your pitches. This is not another chance to chase some investors, but the golden gate to lay your hands on capital that’s smart like you.



So if you are in East Africa and satisfy the below criteria, there you are! Come and pitch your breakthrough ideas and walk back with a commitment to capital.

Who are eligible?

  1. Startups in operation for not more than 3 years
  2. Revenue generated by the startup should not exceed Ksh 500 K
  3. Startups with tech focussed products and services will be preferred
  4. Companies headquartered in the East African countries – Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda and Mauritius.

What will you get?

“Leapfrog Ventures to invest USD 50 K in a startup at the conference”

  1. Opportunity to pitch to the Japanese And East African VCs – Monex Ventures, JT, Leapfrog Ventures and many more.
  2. A chance to raise your next funding round
  3. Odds of collaborating with companies in the investment portfolio of our Japanese investors
  4. Potential expansion aid to new markets including Japan


How to apply?

Step 1: Shortlisting

The startups must fulfil all the stated criteria and submit duly filled complete form till 23:59 of 25-11-2018.

All the applications will be carefully vetted by WeeTracker and Leapfrog Investment analysis team and a maximum of 10 startups will be shortlisted.

Step 2: Intimation

The shortlisted startups will be intimated via e-mail 2 days after the last date of application.

Step 3: Pitch Day

The startups will need to confirm their presence at the venue and timing 4 days prior to the event. The team may accompany but only one member will be allowed to pitch to the investor. The startup will get 5 minutes to showcase the idea, so it is advised to keep the pitch to the point.

Apply here

You Win Anyway!

Either you get funded or a further meeting to get funded.

If not the above, then a valuable feedback from the investor

And of course, a chance to participate in East Africa’s most premium tech fusion and shake hands with all the who’s who of the tech and VC landscape.

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