Icolo.io Is Building A Second Data Center In Kenya

By  |  February 1, 2019

African carrier-neutral colocation services provider Icolo.io is building another data center in Kenya after it established its first in Mombasa.

Mombasa Data Center

Last year, Icolo.io completed and launched Mombasa One, a data center allegedly capable of 99.999 percent uptime commitment, with concurrent maintainability to boot. The center provides up to 90 KW of IT load for 226 racks. Equipped with more than 500 meter square of IT space with two separate dedicated Meet-Me rooms, the two-storey structure is the ideal place for network providers to rollout diverse routes into the site.

Icolo.io CEO, Ranjith Cherickel said that MBA1 is expected to reposition Mombasa as the gateway to Africa from a connectivity perspective, as well as creating an opportunity for Kenyan firms to build a real disaster recovery location. This was in an effort to ensure compliance with distance requirements of global business continuity practices. According to Business Today, the full cost of the provider’s first data center was between KES 400 Mn and KES 1 Bn.

NBO1 Nairobi

The construction for Icolo.io’s Nairobi data center began in November 2018 and is expected to be completed in August 2019. Dubbed NBO1, it will host more than 250 racks and accommodate 825 KW of IT power. The center will have over 624 meter square of rack space in a design which will sit on a 4,400-meter square stretch, supposed to be concurrently maintainable.

While the center is targeted at service providers, financial services institutions, enterprise customer and medical facilities among others, it will be supported on drilled concrete piles with reinforced concrete columns, beams, and hollow-core slabs. The building is expected to have two Meet-Me rooms that will serve as two diverse entry points for all fibers entering into the building. This will go a long way in providing redundancy for its connectivity partners.

Plans for NBO1 alongside realization are being made in Karen near the Catholic University of East Africa Campus. It “Will be at the center of Silicon Savannah, a fantastic avenue for talented IT experts to build scalable infrastructure in and around the region, ultimately placing Kenya at the heart of Digital Africa”, said Cherickel.


Icolo.io designs, builds and operates state of the art carrier-neutral data centers to serve a broad spectrum of clients – telecom carriers, ISPs, and peering points, IT and cloud providers, content providers, enterprise and financial services customers. These Data Centers are hyper-connected hubs and provide colocation services which include power, security, network access, redundancy, rack space, and precision cooling to its customers.

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