South African Tech Startup RapidDeploy Raises USD 12 Mn In Funding

By  |  February 13, 2019

South African tech startup RapidDeploy has secured USD 12 million in series A funding from GreatPoint Ventures and Samsung NEXT.

According to Brett Meyerowitz, the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of RapidDeploy, the finances will be used to expand its existing product and technology teams as well as enable the startup leverage cloud and mobile technologies.

RapidDeploy is a cloud-based software platform which uses technology to help solve key challenges faced by emergency service providers. It makes the whole process of emergency dispatch easier through precise address location, improved situational awareness, allocation of appropriate resources for optimised response, mobile field service apps and advanced incident management tools.

“We are excited to partner with seasoned technology investors who have proven experience in scaling software and technology,” said Steven Raucher, RapidDeploy CEO and co-founder. He added that RapidDeploy is on a mission to democratise public safety.

Raymond Liao, VP and Ventures Managing Director at Samsung NEXT expressed confidence in the future of RapidDeploy. He was excited to announce that Samsung is partnering with RapidDeploy to build a rapid response system in the near future.

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“We are excited about RapidDeploy’s products and first-responder culture, which complement Samsung’s end-to-end solution to public safety including smart devices and public safety LTE infrastructure demanded by emergency service providers,” stated Raymond.

In August 2018, American based telecom company AT&T stated that it was teaming up with RapidDeploy to provide 9-1-1 centres access to RapidDeploy’s cloud-based platform.

The tech startup has since then assembled a core team of US-based public-safety industry leaders who are focused on driving innovation and improving emergency communications. In early 2019, it opened its global headquarters in Texas.



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