By June 30, 2019

The Pitch Deck That Landed Careem A USD 3 Bn Valuation

By June 30, 2019

Careem, the Middle East rival to Uber, was looking for investors seven years ago. Seven years later, the ride-hailing firm landed a deal with USD 3.1 Bn va, the largest tech acquisition in the history of the region.

The deal also represented a lift-off moment for startups, which if you are running one, need have to look at the pitch deck that brought Careem so much money.

Here’s the deck – in full – that Careem’s founders were presenting to potential investors. It’s a little piece of tech history for the Middle East, but also an insight into how a multi-billion dollar startup secured the vital early funding, like Careem’s USD 1.7 Mn raise.

The article is based on linkedin post by the CEO of Careem, Mudassir Sheikha.

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