If You Want A Six-Figure Salary As A Nigerian, These Are The Companies You Should Be Heading To

By  |  July 3, 2019

Nigeria, the economic powerhouse of Africa, is home to some of the highest paying companies in the continent. The average graduate from the West African country looks to land a six-figure salary while working is a promising environment. Unemployment in the country can be said to be at its most serious, despite the fact that the government has tried to put several initiatives in place.

If you think you have what it takes to make some millions annually working for a company, then let us look at some companies on where the grass appears to be greener. Bear in mind that the figures in this article could have increased, as some of them aren’t exactly recent sources. 


About three months ago, an estimate of 6 million Nigerian youths applied for positions on this company’s recruitment portal before it was closed. Aside from the fact that such number justifies the high rate of unemployment in the country, it was also realized yet again just how much people want to work with the Nigerian National Petroleum Company. 

Established under Decree 33 in 1977, the basic function of the NNPC is to manage the interests of the Nigerian government in the oil sector of the economy. The corporation also explores oils, refines petroleum products, and produces petrochemicals. Despite the belief that a job offer at NNPC is reserved for the “high and mighty,” one can still land a job in this commission based on merit. 

Sales managers reportedly earn up to NGN 314 K monthly while economists take home NGN 3.85 Mn every year. For fresh graduates, the starting salary is put at NGN 130 K monthly, and could be increased as time goes on. Irrespective of what you studied in school, you can work at NNPC – there’s always a spot for good enough people. 


Nestle is one of the leading producers of food in Nigeria and among the top companies. According to reports, a handsome paycheck is not the only thing attractive about the company, as it also gives its staff a number of benefits.

Case in point, if you work at Nestle, you can be given health insurance, but you have to spend 6 to 12 months with the company before this will be made available to you. What’s more, staff are able to go on vacation trips at specific times of the year. 

It is reported that Nestle sales managers receive up to NGN 6.27 Mn in a year, while their production supervisors smile home with NGN 5 Mn annually. For entry-level staff, it is between NGN 1 Mn and NGN 2.5 Mn per year. Depending on the field of work, interns are paid between USD 19 to USD 22 per hour. 

MTN Nigeria 

The South African-born company is the largest telco in Nigeria, who arrived in the country during the early years of mobile operations, precisely in 2001. Employing mostly Nigerians, the telco is reported to have been paying more than it is now. Nonetheless, MTN does pay its workers well, compared to other companies in Nigeria. 

MTN prefers to hire contract staff nowadays, as there would be no increment of salaries on these terms. The contract staff also has no right to a bonus or retirement plan, and they can be fired or hired at any point in time, on any conditions the company so desires. 

Most people that want to work with MTN have in mind to become a customer care representative, a position that attracts NGN 83 K a month. If you are learned enough to occupy the seat of a project manager, you could earn up to NGN 850 K in a year, while managers (proper) are given up to NGN 9.4 Mn per annum too. As for Quality Assurance Engineers, they are paid around NGN 4.70 Mn every twelve months. 


This is the Nigerian branch of ExxonMobil, a United States-based multinational oil and gas corporation with headquarters in Irving, Texas. Established in 1882, the company is into the energy business, crude and natural gas exploration, as well as the transportation of these products. 

ExxonMobil also deals in the manufacturing of petroleum products, operating in two main arms. The ExxonMobil upstream division concerns itself with the exploration of crude oil and gas, while the downstream arm deals in the manufacturing and distribution of petroleum products.

Entry-level and junior staff can earn up to NGN 3.5 Mn a year. You can check Payscale or Indeed for more details. 


Nearly everyone in Nigeria knows what it means to work at chevron, and the beliefs are not far from the truth. The company deals in oil and gas and falls among the most profitable oil firms in Nigeria.

This position is not just based on those who own the company, but also on their employees. But, as you may already know, you could have to go to the ends of the earth before you can land a job with Chevron. 

Most times, employment with Chevron is mostly based on how influential you are in the space – well, any. But if you do have Lady Luck on your side and get in, you will be paid on an hourly basis – so now you know why the company is very picky when selecting employees. 

It is your job description that would determine how your paycheck will look like. While interns are paid about NGN 10 K per hour, sales associates get around NGN 13 K on the same basis. Customer service reps and cashiers are paid up to (NGN 3,800) and NGN 3445 hourly, respectively.

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