Mozambique Youth To Benefit From New 35,000 Housing Units

By  |  July 18, 2019

Mozambique youth are set to benefit from a USD 1.4 Bn housing project which aims to solve the housing deficit in the country.

The Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources (MOPHRH), has signed an agreement with a Chinese company, CITIC Constructions to construct 35,000 houses for the youth and public officials across the country.

Construction works will begin on June 2020 in three regions of the country, namely northern, central, and southern for a period of five years.

Out of the total number of houses, 15,000 will be built in the south, 10,000 in the downtown area and the same number in the north, with a cost estimate of USD 30K to USD 40K per house (type 2 and type 3 respectively ) with a phased and long-term payment modality.

The Minister of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources, Joao Machine said, “We are witnessing today the conclusion of the agreement between the FFH and CITIC Constructions for the construction of 35.00 low-cost housing for young people and civil servants.”

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The minister mentioned that currently, 38 percent of the people in the country are young in need of a proper and decent houses.

“This reality of homelessness is further aggravated by the combination of population growth coupled with the country’s high level of vulnerability to the climate change,” said Machatine.

Key issues like the cost of houses will be put into considerations to ensure the prices are not exploitative and are within the financial capacity of the target audience.

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Nyeleti Modlane said, “It is an excellent initiative for Mozambican youth because young people represent 38 percent of the Mozambican population, most of them cry for a proper and decent housing,” he said.

He noted that young people suffer most due to lack of housing, adding that “solutions to this problem need to be found, looking at the financial capacity and salary cap average of civil servants.“

The rapid growth of population in the country is putting the State under great pressure, he admitted, since it has the responsibility to ensure decent housing for the entire population, and particularly for young citizens. Mechanisms were required for building good quality housing at accessible prices.

Featured Image Courtesy: Construction Insight Magazine

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