These Are The 38 Countries Nigerians Can Travel To Without A Visa

By  |  July 25, 2019

Visa-free travel for Nigerians is a true for a good number of destinations. Here are some of those places that welcome Nigerians even without visa.

People talk a big game about wanting to see the world, and it’s a good thing to want too. But even when there are no financial constraints, desiring to explore the world also usually comes with the less-talked-about issues related to travel restrictions and visa issues. And more so when you’re in possession of the “famous” green passport.

As a Nigerian citizen, it might interest you to know that there are a lot of countries you could actually visit without a visa. Mostly, because these countries have no need for it and are very welcoming of foreigners.

It is also important to note that some of these countries offer visa on arrival while others allow you to stay for a specified number of days or months before a visa will be required. Also, some countries may not require a visa regardless of how long you stay. Below are twenty-six countries you can visit with a Nigerian passport without a visa:

  1. Rwanda
  2. Djibouti
  3. Morocco
  4. Cape Verde
  5. Kenya
  6. Uganda
  7. Sudan
  8. Barbados
  9. Bangladesh
  10. Burkina Faso
  11. Benin Republic
  12. Burundi
  13. Chad
  14. Cameroon
  15. Côte d’Ivoire
  16. Comoros
  17. Cape Verde
  18. Cambodia
  19. Dominica
  20. Fiji
  21. Ghana
  22. Guinea
  23. Guinea-Bissau
  24. The Gamba
  25. Haiti
  26. Iran
  27. Samoa 
  28. Senegal 
  29. Seychelles
  30. Sierra Leone 
  31. Somalia 
  32. Sri Lanka
  33. Tanzania 
  34. Timor-Leste 
  35. Togo 
  36. Tuvalu 
  37. Uganda 
  38. Vanuatu

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