African Leaders Snub World Economic Forum Summit Over Xenophobic Attacks In SA

By  |  September 4, 2019

Presidents of Rwanda, Malawi and the Democratic Republic of Congo have skipped attending the World Economic Forum Summit annual regional summit amid the ongoing xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

The annual event is currently ongoing and is being held in Cape Town International Convention center. The summit which will go on till Friday, 6 September is bringing together over 1000 business leaders, academics world and regional leaders.

The summit whose theme is ‘Shaping inclusive growth and shared futures in the fourth industrial revolution’ is crucial for the continent because debates surrounding how African can unlock and unblock its potential in the face of the fourth industrial revolution will be discussed at length.

The forum serves the purpose of proposing new ideas, trends, and organizations which help develop the corporate and public sector agendas for future decision making.

These summits are held annually and they are critical and it is necessary that leaders attend to ensure their opinions, ideas are voiced for the rest of the continent to hear.

Reports also indicate that other African leaders could boycott the event due to the ongoing Xenophobic attacks in South Africa. The said leaders are stated that they don’t want to be part and be in a country where other Africans are being attacked by South Africans.

On Sunday, violence broke out in Johannesburg’s city center which later spread the city’s CBD. Foreign-owned stores were attacked and looted in the protests where South Africans ranted about the employment of foreign drivers. On Monday more than 50 shops and business premises owned by non-South Africans from countries in the rest of the continent were destroyed.

In the looting spree, cars and properties were destroyed. In a bid to disperse the riots, police fired tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades. Police report that 5 people have been killed but their nationalities have not been revealed.

At least 189 people linked to the looting have been arrested.

In a video on Twitter, Ramaphosa condemned the attacks on foreign nationals saying it is totally unacceptable and he will not allow that to happen in South Africa.

The Xenophobia news has received wide coverage across global news platforms prompting responses and reactions from various people.

Featured Image Courtesy: World Economic Forum

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