World’s Longest Journey On an Electric Motorcycle to Build Egypt’s Largest Digital Library

By  |  October 4, 2019

World record holder Ali Abdo is targeting to achieve the third record by travelling to 75 cities across the world in a bid to build Egypt’s largest digital library and promote SDGs, on his electrical motorcycle.

Abdo is supported by the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), United Nations Development Program, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Immigration, the Ministry of Military Production and a number of civil society and private organizations.

“We will provide the logistical support and technical expertise needed for the digital documentation of the places covered during the journey along with the toolbox to establish what we can call modern encyclopedia of Egypt,” Eng. Hala El Gohary, CEO of the ITIDA said.

He added that Egyptian traveller and adventurer Ali Abdo will visit about 75 cities during his trip, which provides a great opportunity for us to promote ITIDA’s nation-wide programs that target the youth of different age groups.

The 100-day trip aims to draw attention to many Egyptian landmarks, highlight Egyptian history and heritage, and create a digital identity for Egypt professionally, introduce its attractions digitally, and promote its investment climate in a sophisticated and modern way.

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Ali Abdo explained that he seeks to set his third world record through a journey on an electric motorcycle for a distance of 25 thousand kilometres, where he will visit all governorates of Egypt to raise awareness of environmental issues and global warming.

Using an electric motorcycle will also raise awareness on reduction on fuel consumption and environmental effects of fossil fuels, that have negatively impacted the globe.

Ali Abdo is the first Arab to achieve a world record in the field of motorcycles and holds the world title in Guinness Book of Records and founder of the initiative on Egypt on motorcycles.

Feature Image Courtesy: AL-Monitor

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