The 10 Best Companies To Work For In South Africa For 2020

By  |  November 22, 2019

Independent HR certification company, the Top Employers Institute, has released its ranking of the top employers in South Africa for 2020.

The ranking is based on employers that provide excellent employee conditions, nurture and develop talent throughout all levels of the organisation, and which strive to continuously optimise employment practices.

Among the areas in which companies are evaluated are a number of key indices including talent strategy, workforce planning, onboarding, learning & development, performance management, leadership development, career & succession management, compensation & benefits, as well as company culture.

The Top Employers Institute then evaluates the implementation of these practices and reviews how they are supported through strategy, ownership, practices, measurement, and technology. It must also be noted that the Top Employers certification is by the application.

In the latest ranking, Microsoft was named as the top South African employer in 2020, moving up from third-place in 2019. Telecommunications company, Vodacom, took second place (6th in 2019), while professional services company, Accenture, came third after finishing 2nd in the 2019 ranking.

The top five companies to work for in South Africa are completed by the likes of Tata Consultancy in 4th place and Unilever in 5th place.

Here Are The 10 Best Companies To Work For In South Africa:

  1. Microsoft
  2. Vodacom
  3. Accenture
  4. Tata Consultancy Service
  5. Unilever
  6. EY
  7. Nestle
  8. JTI
  9. SAP
  10. Sasol

The Top Employers Institute was established 25 years ago. The Institute claims to have certified over 1,500 organisations in 118 countries/regions. These Certified Top Employers positively impact the lives of over 6 million employees globally. 

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