Data Pundit: This Online Tool Is Gathering All Information You Ever Needed On The African Startup Ecosystem

By  |  November 26, 2019

WeeTracker recently introduced a free tool for tracking the African startups, VC Investments and an easy way of being on the top of the African Startup Ecosystem. Within a month of launch, The Base now has 1000+ active startup profiles, 100+ investor profiles and is seeing a consistent 70-80 new weekly subscriptions.

If you’re not aware of what The Base is, here’s a quick snapshot: 

An online tool that is broken down into three sections for easy navigation:

Startups – this section contains detailed and all-inclusive profiles of active startups & SME businesses in Africa, virtually looking across 35 industries. A typical profile provides detailed information of the company, its founder(s), founding year, funding history, acquisitions (where applicable), team members, similar companies and the company’s social links.

Investors – it is a well-researched section of the profiles of VCs/PEs/Incubators/Funds/Angel Investors active on the continent. From finding the investment thesis, focussed sectors and a list of verified investment transactions, we’re doing all the work so that you don’t have to. 

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Discussion Room this section is a new way of starting discussions around the important topics in the startup ecosystem. We (Africa) are a continent of too many events focussed on Startups but not everybody can attend and get the bytes from the interesting conversations. From concepts of entrepreneurship to a trending topic about a 100 million USD startup, we are allowing our subscribers to share tips and tricks based on the different levels of experiences and know-how.

BTW, all this content is available free of charge and can be accessed by members registered on THE BASE online platform. 

One Platform, Many Uses

As per our expectations, our users are figuring out different ways of using the data platform.

Deal Prospecting  

Some VCs and individual investors are using the base to track startups, their funding and other vital information

Lead Generation

Some service providers from across and outside the continent have started using THE BASE to prospect potential clients. A recent use case is of an HR-Tech Firm using THE BASE to find startups who have raised money and would be now looking to hire fresh talent. We love it 🙂


Recently, a PhD scholar from a Tier 1 university in the U.S. reached out to us for giving feedback on how they used our platform to collect information about their research project on the state of the startup ecosystem in Africa. 

All this in just a month and we wish to see more emails coming in from our beloved users. 

The team is working every day to ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date and our crawlers aren’t getting tired of scraping the data ;). We’re adding 50+ profiles of startups & VCs every week in hope of seeing more and more new subscribers every day. 

If you haven’t gotten a chance to sign up for THE BASE yet, do it NOW. 

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