These African Countries Are The Latest Frontrunners When It Comes To Internet Coverage

By  |  December 4, 2019

The Global Connectivity Index for 2019 has been released by technology company Huawei. With the state of internet connectivity alongside the price of mobile data in many African countries raise concerns, the report could not have come at a better time.

The index is based on 40 different indicators, including IT infrastructure, digital transformation competitiveness, and potential growth. The overall best goes to the United States, with a score of 85.

Thanks to the early adoption of 5G, South Africa is the leading African country for internet connection. According to the index, the country has improved in the supply of ICT services and the user experience. 

The country has 51 percent smartphone penetration, contributing to its online figures. South Africa is the only country in Sub-Saharan Africa, where at least half of the population is connected to the internet. With a score of 43 out of 120, it ranks 52nd of 79 on the index. 

Egypt comes next, securing the 58th spot on the index. GCI 2019 says that the North African country score higher in the affordability of both fixed-line broadband and mobile broadband services. 

The Arab nation has witnessed an increase in the demand for downloaded applications, cloud migration, and smartphones. Thanks to its geographical position, the country can connect to numerous cables that link parts of Europe with the Middle East and Asia. 

Maintaining its 2019 position, Morocco ranked 61st globally on the list. The kingdom scored 36 points, below the global average of 51.9 points. Morocco aims to become one of the three most competitive countries in the MENA region by 2020. 

It is achieving this through a Digital Plan 2020 for its IT infrastructure and the business environment. In MENA, Gulf countries ranked better than North African nations, with the UAE ranking 23rd globally, followed by Bahrain (40th), Oman (42nd), Saudi Arabia (43rd), and Kuwait (46th).

With 31 points, Algeria collects the 68th position on the index. Following a successful testing of 5G services in Oran, data transmissions in the country reached a rate of 1.18 GB per second. Outside this town, Mobilis, a subsidiary of Algeria Telecom, will also be conducting tests in the other cities to achieve a global technology switch in 2020.

Ghana and Kenya get the same 29 points score, but the former collects the 71st place ahead of the latter (72). Nigeria scored 27 points, landing it in the 74th position just before Pakistan. Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia concluded the list, taking 77th, 78th, and 79th places, respectively. 

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