Yet Again, Egypt Is The Most Powerful Nation In Africa

By  |  January 20, 2020

According to the 2020 Best Countries ranking compiled by the US News and World Report, Egypt is the most powerful country in Africa. The North African country is retaining its position, ranking 36 in a league of 73.

The ranking which was carried out in collaboration with with BAV Group and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Switzerland is the most powerful nation in the world.

The report realized the most powerful countries by analyzing those that consistently dominate news headlines, preoccupy policymakers and shape global economic patterns.

“Their foreign policies and military budgets are tracked religiously. When they pledge, at least some in the international community trust they will keep it,” said.

A set of 65 country attributes – terms that can be used to describe a country and that are also relevant to the success of a modern nation – were identified.

The ranking sought answers from more than 20,000 people from four regions to associate 73 countries with specific attributes. While Canada is the second most powerful, the next country after Egypt is South Africa (39th position) – with a GDP of USD 368.3 Bn, 57.8 million people and GDP per capita of USD 13,63

In 40th place, Morocco comes right after South Africa, while Kenya comes in 53rd. Tunisia ranks 69th right after Ukraine and before Belarus. And that’s about all the African countries that made the list. The continent’s largest economy, Nigeria, (surprisingly) missed the ranking.

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