A Global Travel Management Company Has Added 4 More African Countries To Its Presence Net – Including Gabon

By  |  February 3, 2020

FCM Travel Solutions, a Brisbane-headquartered corporate travel business of the Flight Centre Travel Group, is expanding its operations in Africa.

The firm has signed partnership agreements with 4 additional countries in the continent – Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the Republic of Congo, Ethiopia and Gabon.

FCM is partnering a variety of like-minded establishments to fuel this expansion. It operates a network spanning over 90 countries across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

Now looking to gain more share in the continent, FCM has joined hands with TMC Travel Management Company operating in Central Africa. This agency deals in the management of business travels for companies.

For DRC, Gabon and Republic of Congo, FMC has partnered with Hariom Travels, which has been providing services to clients in diverse industry sectors in the past 10 years. The firm employs more than 100 staff and has offices in Kinshasa, Pointe Noire, Brazzaville, Liberville and Port-Gentil.

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The Ethiopian end of the expansion comes with a collaboration with Lalibela Travel & Tours in Addis Ababa. This business, which was established in 1982, offers full-suite travel management services.

FCM’s rapid expansion to unlikely African locations comes as a response to inquiries about its presence in these countries. The firm has evaluated the markets for several months, along which line it found the best partners for the expansion.

FCM’s Middle East & Africa regional leader Ciaran Kelly, said: “I am delighted that we have reached partnership agreements with Hariom Travel to represent FCM in DRC, Congo and Gabon, and with Lalibela in Ethiopia.

This is an exciting development for FCM’s network and footprint in the Africa region. We see further growth opportunities in neighboring markets in the coming months and beyond to ensure we have the right local servicing for our expanding client portfolio regionally and globally.”

The expansion comes at a tome when the travel spend in Africa is forecast to grow 27 percent over the next year. Pending are the African Union’s continental passport and Nigeria’s visa waivers for all Africans – all of which will make it easier for Africans to travel across the continent.

Featured Image: Karryon

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