Step-By-Step Guide to Passing Cisco 200-901 Exam via Practice Tests

By  |  April 15, 2020

Are you preparing for the Cisco 200-901 exam? You don’t have to fret because you have what it takes to pass the test at your first attempt. In this guide, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on what you need to do to ensure you have an effective preparation process and ultimately achieve your desired success in the certification exam. Let’s get right into it!

Understand what the certification is all about

The Cisco CCNA Exam Dumps Questions 200-301 exam is part of the requirements for earning the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certificate. It is one of the newly introduced credentials in the Cisco certification program. Before you register for the test, it is very important to understand what this credential is all about. First of all, find out if it’s the right certificate for you. Will it take you to your anticipated career path or help you achieve your career goal in life? Do you have the required skills and knowledge for the associated exam? If not, do you have what it takes to study and prepare? Although these questions may look unnecessary, but you must know that there are many students who start pursuing a certification but never complete the process because somewhere along the line, they lost interest. However, if DevNet is crucial for your career path, irrespective of what you come across, you’ll want to go all out for it.

Learn the basics of the exam

Now that you have established that the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification is the right one for you, the next thing is to learn all about the Cisco 200-901 exam. The best way to get this knowledge is by going through the official webpage. You will find the details of the exam content, including topics, policies, and other key things that are relevant for your successful completion of the test and the certification process. For a start, Cisco 200-901 DEVASC is a 120-minute exam covering a wide range of topics. This test will evaluate your knowledge and skills in software development, design, and application. The topics covered include Cisco platforms & developing; understanding & utilizing APIs; infrastructure & automation; and application development & security. The details of these objectives can be found in the exam guide as provided by Cisco. Simply go to the official website and read through the exam subjects.

Plan your study

Preparing for any certification test requires a deliberate effort. You can’t study based on your mood or when you feel like it. You have to create a plan and make sure you stick to it. Having gone through the exam topics and details, the next thing is to plan how you want to study these objectives. Break the topics into bits and put a timeline to the completion of your study. Make sure you have a realistic study plan. Don’t stuff all your preparation for a few weeks if you know it’s impossible to achieve it. In addition, try to avoid procrastinating. So, you have to be deliberate about your preparation process.

Use relevant and effective study materials

Your choice of resources will go a long way to determine how successful you will be in your Cisco 200-901 exam. There are many options for preparation tools out there but you have to be careful about your choice. To get started, check the study materials provided by Cisco. You can find the recommendations on the official page. Some of the recommended resources are as follows: eBooks, study guides, training courses, and other helpful tools. In addition to this credible source, you can also check Examsnap to access some relevant training courses and practice tests that guarantee your success in the exam.

Evaluate your knowledge through practice questions

You can’t have an effective preparation process without taking practice questions. By taking them, you will get familiar with the exam pattern and the type of questions. You will also be able to identify areas where you need to do more study so you can be fully prepared for your certification test. There are ample Cisco 200-901 practice questions that you can find on Examsnap. This platform is one of the highly recommended websites where you can find reliable and up-to-date practice tests and exam dumps. You can find free collections of dumps that you can work with. To get more resources, you should sign up for the premium files, which have been compiled and verified by the seasoned experts in the IT industry.

Get a feel of the test before the exam date

The use of an exam simulator is very important for your preparation. It gives you the opportunity to take practice tests in a simulated exam environment and you can easily evaluate how ready you are for the test. With this software, you can open dumps and practice questions in a real exam setting, working with the real exam time and questions. This helps you build your test-taking skills and also develop competence in your ability to pass any certification exam without problems.

Don’t go overboard with preparation

Beyond exam preparation, there is life. Therefore, don’t get too cooked up in your study room and don’t forget about life. As a matter of fact, taking a break off your study once in a while will help you balance your preparation with other areas of your life. It also prevents you from getting bored and fatigued. Really, if you feel tired, there is no way you can have an optimal preparation process. Therefore, you will do yourself a world of good by taking a break from time to time in the course of your preparation.


You have what it takes to pass the Cisco 200-901 certification exam. You only have to harness the available resources and make good use of them. Remember, choosing the appropriate and relevant study materials is very important for your success. Therefore, use only reputable training platforms.

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