5 Unique Recreation Activities for the Whole Family

By  |  April 29, 2020

Is your family a group of thrill-seekers? Well, if you are, then you probably understand how tedious it can be to sit indoors during the holidays or weekend. And, even for game fanatics, where is the fun in watching TV shows or playing video games the whole day? Not saying that isn’t fun for other families, but if you want your kids to move away from their screens, then you need to do something worthwhile.

But, apart from the fun aspect of being outside with family, it has additional benefits. For instance, being active outside is a great way of exercising; it helps to boost energy, boost the immune system, enhances creativity and of course a good dose of vitamin D. But, apart from the benefits that you may already know, here are five unique leisure activities that are ideal for the entire family.

Jet skiing

Now, if you love being in the water and you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, then jet skiing is ideal for you and your family. You can have a lot of memorable experiences when jet skiing as it’s a great way of bringing your family together outdoors. Of course, it needs to be a safe environment for the kids.

During the weekend or school holidays, you and the family can go skiing and even make it a competition. Not only will this give you time to bond with your children, but it’s also fun and has many health benefits. Jet skiing is a fun stress reliever. It also helps with your balance, coordination, and it helps to improve your physique. So, what are you waiting for, apply for leisure finance now and start your adventure? Now, you may be wondering how you may afford to own jet ski.

Well, fortunately for you, there is leisure finance in South Africa. Now, you may be wondering what leisure loans in South Africa consist of?. Well, they help you to get financed for recreational activities, and jet skiing is one of them. So, you can apply for jet ski finance.


Another unique leisure activity to do as a family is camping, of course in style with your own caravan. This is ideal for families that aren’t really into the whole idea of camping and sleeping in tents. Now, with a caravan, you can enjoy the outdoors lavishly. Plus having a caravan has a number of benefits.

For instance, it helps you to save money rather than booking a BnB or guesthouse should the camping idea go horribly wrong. And, you and your family can travel to wherever and whenever you please. But since that is sorted, make sure you’re prepared for your trip to ensure you and your family are safe and have a wonderful time. So, make sure you:

  • Just in case, make sure you pack in clothes that are ideal for any weather.
  • Plan simple quick meals.
  • Leave all devices e.g tablets, smartphones and laptops at home.
  • Research activities that are available on the camping site or bring board games.
  • Pack in their favourite toys (especially for toddlers who cannot sleep without their ‘blankie’ or teddy bear).
  • Stick to familiar bedtime routines so that they don’t have to adjust to, too many changes.


If you have a beautiful trail nearby, why not go cycling with the family? Or, if you’re going with young kids, you might want to take a route that has interesting things to see. That way you can engage with them and stop every now and then.

Just make sure you do not overestimate your speed, especially when cycling with young children. Be mindful that they’ll want to take things slow and remember it’s not only about reaching the destination but enjoying and spending time with your children throughout the journey. But, apart from it being an amazing experience, it can also help your children get into the habit of exercising (even the germaphobe who hates the idea of getting sweaty) because they’ll be having fun while exercising which helps. It can also help improve your children’s fitness levels, boost positive mental attitude and relieve stress. These are ideal things for children, especially ones who are still developing. Just make sure you buy durable and steady bicycles that are fit for all those bumps and falls they’ll endure. And make sure you have all the necessary equipment.

Go golfing

If you’ve always been a golf fanatic but had to put away your golf clubs when family life became too hectic, why not bring it back now? Especially if the children are old enough to understand the rules. Not only will things be fun for you, but we’re pretty sure your children won’t mind riding around in a golf cart the whole day. And, it’s an awesome way to bring your children into your world, where they can see what you like. So, to ensure your day goes smoothly, you want to do the following:

  • Choose the right time to go out. Waking up your children at the crack of dawn might not be the best way to go, especially before they get used to it. So, try and go when everyone in the family is awake and in more of a playful mood.
  • Get your children excited about the equipment. Kids love feeling included, so why not show them all the equipment before you go to the golf course. That way, you’re already getting them pumped up for the day.
  • Let them experience the joy of riding in a golf cart because we’re guaranteed they will love it.
  • Manage the yardage to fit your children. The last thing you want to do is compete with children in yardage for adults. So, always be considerate.

Introduce a different scoring system that’s achievable for the little ones.

Photo by Sebastian Coman Travel on Unsplash

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