#InspiringFiftySA 2018: Honouring Top Women in STEM

By  |  June 23, 2018

#InspiringFiftySA is an initiative in its second year paying tribute to the top women in the technological field who are making a phenomenal stride and moulding innovative solutions in the business sector. This event is a European notion piloted into the South Africa shores, due to the lack of recognition for women in the technology industry.

“These women form a strong network of inspiring role model for the future. #InspiringFiftySA allows us to create a platform to showcase the impact that they have made in STEM, showing young girls and boys that they can do the same, ” says Bonnie Horbach, Consul General of the Kingdom of Netherlands.

Last year’s honorees where aptly announced in August – which is South African’s national women’s month. With nominees comprising 29 women excelling in academics, 76 holding C-level positions, 87 being founders of technology or innovation year, three politicians, two analysts, 37 key influencers and 18 playing prominent roles in relevant sectors. Some of the women who were selected include Anne Githuku-Shongwe, who is the founder and CEO of Afroes Transformational Games- that manufactures educational mobile games and Professor Anusuya Chimsany-Turan from the University of Cape Town in the Department of Biological Sciences.

“I’m thrilled to hear that we continue to have so much support for this incredible initiative; South Africa has so much to to offer, especially in the area of Stem and looking forward to seeing how #InspiringFifty grows this year , ” said Bonnie Horbach.

This drive to push women in the forefront of their technological field is in collaboration with co-CreateSA and promises to dedicate yet another year celebrating top fifty women doing it big in the male-dominated sector. Built on the core philosophy ”If she can see it, she can be it,” Inspiring Fifty annually awards the 50 most inspiring women, with the aim of providing a platform that brings more visibility to the achievements of women.

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