10 African Innovators Selected For Global Accelerator Startupbootcamp Afritech 2018

By  |  July 13, 2018

After an intense 3-month search tour across 15 nations, vigorous 19 Fast track events and an explorative 220 face-to-face startup engagement with application reaching over 1 000 from 75 countries, SBC (startupbootcamp) Afri teach has finally announced the top ten African Innovators to participate in the multi-corporate backed accelerator programme for 2018 yesterday.

“Our inaugural year was big, it was bold. Our phenomenal success of last year has made us the only truly global accelerator for the tech venture in partnership with dynamic corporates on the African continent – we are accelerating that next wave of innovation in Africa,” said Zachariah George, Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of SBC Afri tech.

Each of the 10 startups will be provided with USD 17 K, office space, access to over a 100 mentors and a network of industry partners, investors and venture capital firms.

Here’s the list of ten startups selected for SBC Afritech:

Akiba Digital, South Africa: A financial savings platform and personal savings coach that leverages A.I., machine learning, and gamification to democratize wealth in Africa.

Bankly Technologies, Nigeria: A goal-based savings product that digitizes cash and enables in-country, peer-to-peer transfer services through the use of vouchers available nationwide.

Brandbook Analytics, South Africa: A mobile application providing users free gift-card coupons for completed purchases with the ability to harvest vast amounts of consumer data and improved forecasting and analytics.

CredPal, Nigeria: An innovative solution using deep data that provides individuals with instant access to credit at the point of checkout for various online and offline merchants.

Digitech Group, Ivory Coast: Provides incumbent insurance companies an omnichannel and cloud-based digital platform to sell insurance products through mobile and web.

Inclusive Financial Technologies, Ghana: Inclusive FT’s API helps digital financial services reach the most remote customers across Africa by enabling them to onboard, verify and monitor them via digital channels.

Kudimoney Bank, Nigeria: A no-charge, full-service, online-only bank making banking services more affordable and more accessible by offering an interest-earning spending account with zero charges, a savings account with above-average interest rates and access to low-interest instant loans.

Lüla, South Africa: A mobility-as-a-service platform that connects stakeholders to improve mobility by providing transport that is convenient, accessible and safe and enabling operators, cities and passengers to have easy access and understanding of transport.

MPost, Kenya: A patented solution providing legally recognized physical addresses for the 95% of the African population that do not have a postal address.

Prospa, South Africa: A micro-savings solution for low-income earning South Africans, allowing users to purchase savings vouchers at traders that entitle the user to a set amount of savings which are deposited into a mobi-savings account.

Startupbootcamp is a global startup accelerator with 18 programs in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, and London amongst other capital of countries in the world. They recruit startups with the aim of connecting them with prominent and relevant stakeholders in the sector of their expertise.

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