North Africa This Week: Startup Events Glimpses [27th August-2nd September, 2018]

By  |  September 2, 2018

This past week, the North African tech ecosystem witnessed its own fair share of events aimed at enhancing entrepreneurial growth within the ecosystem. In recent times, the region has enhanced its reputation for being at the forefront of various tech and entrepreneurship-themed programs within the African continent; a feat that has seen it further cement its place in the committee of fast-growing startup ecosystems.

The North African startup ecosystem has now come to be regarded as something of pacesetters in the industry, and this is largely the result of significant efforts geared towards furthering the growth of entrepreneurship in the region, including startup-focused events. Now, here are glimpses from some of the notable startup events which took place in North Africa this past week.

Flat6Labs Tunis Concluded The Boot Camp Program For Its Third Cycle In Tunisia

On Thursday, 30th August 2018, Flat6Labs Tunis drew to a close the boot camp program for its third cycle. The 5-day boot camp was part of events ear-marked to bed-in candidate startup teams who are looking to join the third cycle of the accelerator program slated for this October.

The boot camp drew participation from a number of aspiring startup teams who were furnished with invaluable insights and insider views from a number of experts in the ecosystem. At the climax of the event, the intending startup teams were each given the opportunity to weigh in with presentations before the selection committee, with a view to strengthening their cases for selection into the third cohort of what is regarded as one of MENA’s biggest accelerators.

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After two successive cycles which witnessed the successful graduation of six and seven Tunisian startups in the first and second cohorts respectively, the Tunisian arm of Flat6Labs accelerator appears to be unyielding in its commitment to supporting the growth of Tunisian entrepreneurs with funding and mentorship, as plans are already afoot for its third cycle. Having concluded the boot camp program, the selection committee is expected to reconvene and select the final teams that will join the cycle starting October.



Tafra Held Its 15th Meetup In Egypt

Tafra; a platform that seeks to empower techies in the MENA region with the requisite skills to disrupt the global tech industry, held its 15th meetup on Saturday on Friday, 31st August 2018. This edition, which was held at AlMaqarr Coworking Space in Cairo, featured discussions on the latest trends in the global tech landscape, with emphasis on the culture of companies in the western world. It also placed the spotlight on the subject of managing businesses in an emerging ecosystem.

The 4-hour long meetup brought together a number of tech-business owners, coaches, developers, tech leads, and human resource experts. Speakers at the event included such notable personalities as Amr Elssamadisy of Samadisy Inc., Rami ElSawy of Elephant Tech, as well as Nora Abdelrahman of Eventtus. The event also drew attendance from software engineers and developers, tech recruiters, Agile coaches and enthusiasts, CTOs, and a number of decision-makers in the tech startup/SME/corporate industries. Keynote, ice-breaking, and networking activities were some of the highlights of the event.


Image CreditsFlat6Labs Tunis via Twitter

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