How Design And Packaging Can Affect Sales

By  |  September 4, 2018

Whether you like it or not, your design and packaging affect the buying behavior of your target audience. Imagine your product on the shelf in a store, how eye-catching is it that it would make your target audience pick yours over your competitors’ products.

Your design and packaging should be a key part of your marketing and branding strategy.

According to Inc. Magazine 2017 Design Awards, one of the most brilliant product designs of 2017 is S’well, Inc. reports that “The New York City-based $100 million company–founded by a former accountant–collaborates with artists to create limited-edition bottles that retail for $25 to $45 a pop.”

Imagine a Waterbottle that looks as stylish as this!

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Lots of efforts should be put into creating a lovely and excellent design and packaging for your products.

Here are some of the things you should consider when developing your product design and packaging:

Function: One of the vital components of design is the function. If what is being designed wouldn’t be functional, then there is no use for the design. ‘Function’ must be integrated into the design.

Aesthetics: One of the things that attract customers to your products is how beautiful your products are. Don’t just design your product without thinking about how appealing it looks to your target audience. It must appeal to them one way or another.

Brand colours: Integrate your brand colours into your design. This helps your target audience to recognize your brand no matter where they encounter your brand.

Typography: The type of fonts you use would have a long way in your design. You should avoid using a playful looking font when you are discussing something serious or marketing something serious. In addition, you should consider your brand fonts when designing, to achieve consistency in your branding.

Logo: Your logo must also be considered when designing a product. It should be placed in a prominent and strategic place in your product design. Likewise, your logo must go along with the product design.

Overall design: Lastly, your overall design must blend and communicate exactly what you want it to deliver. For instance, if you are designing a product package design for a salad bowl, you should ensure all of the points mentioned above come together to communicate precisely what you want it to communicate; which in this case can be ‘healthy living.’


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Here are some of the ways your product packaging affect sales:

Perceived value: With your product design, your target audience can determine the kind of value to be attached to your product. For instance, if you are selling a luxury product, your product packaging must exude luxurious qualities for your target audience to attach the perceived luxurious value to the product and if they should buy it for the amount you want them to buy it for.

Brand positioning: Your brand positioning is the way your target audience place your brand in their minds. If you work towards positioning your brand as a friendly, fun, and joyful brand; then your product packaging must match that. Your product packaging can either make or mar your brand positioning.

Purchase decision: Your product packaging can also help your target audience to make a purchase decision between you and your competitors. Imagine your customers in the store, trying to decide between your product and that of a competitor, your packaging might be one of the major things they consider to make the purchase decision.

Storage: Another thing that your target audience considers when it comes to product packaging is storage. If your product packaging is one that would make storage difficult, your target audience might choose other options.

Durability: Most times, your customers also consider durability when it comes to your product packaging. How durable is your packaging and how long would it last. If your product packaging would last a long while, your customers can store them for a long while, and it would even serve as a form of advertisement to anyone who newly encounters your brand.

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