How To Leverage Print Marketing For Your Startup

By  |  September 7, 2018

Marketing is an essential part of a business. Every startup should have a concrete marketing plan which shouldn’t only include online marketing but also print marketing as well. Print marketing isn’t obsolete, in fact, you can achieve a great deal with print marketing as a startup. There are different ways to leverage print marketing for your start-up that won’t have to take up so much of your money, and yet, still be effective.

Customization will help you get your brand out there in a subtle way without even spending much. When you invest in branding items like travel mugs, water bottles, umbrellas, diaries, and notepads, etc. you can gift customized items to your clients and team members and wherever they take those items to, they indirectly advertise your brand.

Personalization is another thing to consider. Why not make your customers feel special by delivery personalized products? Some brands allow their customers to customize their products, examples of such brands as highlighted in this article are Nike, Nutella, etc. Stickers and labels are also another way of portraying the right brand personality to your target audience. The quality of your stickers and labels can be a great branding mechanism for your start-up. Invest in quality stickers and labels.


Banners can also help you drive massive awareness to your brand. The right banners placed at the right strategic places will give you the visibility your brand needs.


In addition, your business card is something that can stand you out from the crowd. Even when you attend networking events, business cards are essential in helping you network with others and exchange contact details.

Brochures are also a well of telling your brand story in a way that moves your customers or your target audience to make a purchase. Most times, depending on the kind of start-up you run, your customers would always require a brochure to help them understand your product or service offering. Here are some of the websites that can help you create brochures: Venngage, Lucid Press, Canva, etc.

Flyers are also useful at events and other places people can pick them from. Flyers are easy to share and effective in passing across important details about promos, events, flash sales, etc.



Sending out letters is also another opportunity to reinforce your brand in the minds of your target audience and customers. Effectively designed letterheads are useful and they haven’t gone out of style. In addition, they project the right image for your brand. Envelopes are also another way to brand yourself and market your company. For instance, when you intend to send out media kits, information about your start-up; your branded folders can be of huge benefit in helping you market your start-up.



‘Thank you cards’ are also a great way of not only appreciating your customers but also a way of reinforcing your brand in their minds whenever they come across those cards. Most start-ups send out ‘thank you cards’ alongside customers’ purchases. You can adopt the same method as well. Don’t forget your Shopping bags! If they are branded the right way, your customers would use them for a long time and they will also help you market your startup to whoever comes across them. One of the brands I absolutely love their shopping bags is Tommy Hilfiger; their bags are unique, durable, and lovely. You would want to use them for a long while.

Do you pay attention to print marketing as much as you pay attention to online marketing? Which of the above tips and suggestions would you implement?


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