NAPAfrica, Asteroid Concert Efforts To Foster Interconnectivity In Africa

By  |  September 28, 2018

Global interconnection platform, Asteroid, has undergone a memorandum of understanding with internet exchange point (IXP) NAPAfrica. The signed agreement will focus on fostering the development of interconnection in Africa.

The partnership will see both organisations work towards the promotion if IXP infrastructure development and supporting educational activities that will foster the growth of the African peering community.

Asteroid is an interconnection platform based in Amsterdam that operates neutral IXPs worldwide and works with parties in local markets to deliver efficient interconnection.

NAPAfrica was established in 2012 as Africa’s first neutral IXP, to exchange local and international internet traffic in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, by way of the Teraco data centre facilities where it is located.

NAPAfrica and Asteroid have informed that they will both bring their experience to better IXP operations to various parts of Africa, including South Africa, in an effort to build strong local communities and spread awareness of local interconnection in the region.

According to the CCO of Asteroid, Nurani Nimpuno, the company is proud to team up with NAPAfrica to combine our competence and experience in IXPs and peering. “We are of the belief that Africa holds great potential in the aspect of internet growth, but there are still real bottlenecks to solve in terms of in-country interconnection. IXPS can play a crucial role in bringing about a boost in that aspect, and at Asteroid we intend to play a positive role in that development”.

According to NAPAfrica, the continent is still facing major challenges in ensuring internet traffic is routed within Africa, not through Europe and back again. The company believes that a lot more has to be done in order to identify the opportunities for improved interconnection where IXPs can play a key role.

The head of interconnection and peering at NAPAfrica, Michele McCann explained that the organisation is proud to collaborate with Asteroid in the promotion of local interconnectivity and peering in Africa. According to her, Asteroid has an efficient and highly automated IXP model as well as a solid team of reputable IXP experts.


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