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10 Essential Tools For Your E-commerce Business

October 9, 2018

As an African business owner, you need all the tools and resources you can get to help you achieve better results and smash your business goals.

As a business owner in Africa, you can effectively run and manage your e-commerce business from wherever you are in the world. With the right tools, resources, and insights; you can get all these done quickly.

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Here are 10 essential apps we believe would help you run a thriving e-commerce business:

  1. Facebook Apps: As an e-commerce business owner, you would agree with me that increasing your visibility and making more sales is essential, hence, social media marketing. Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads are one of the ways to get more people in your target audience to notice your brand and even buy from you. And so, Facebook has different apps that can help you effectively manage your social media marketing. You can download Facebook Apps like Facebook Page Manager, Facebook Ad Manager, and Facebook App.
  2. MailChimp: E-mail marketing should be part of your digital marketing strategy as an e-commerce business owner. Your e-mail list is something you should be building from the onset. Your email list is yours forever, and you get the opportunity to nurture your subscribers with content marketing emails and lead them to purchase.
  3. Google Analytics: If you want to track and measure the traffic on your e-commerce website, then you need Google Analytics. Google Analytics will also help you track your applications as well as social media platforms. You can also measure your advertising ROI on your e-commerce websites with Google Analytics. With such insights, you can take better actions for your business.
  4. IFFT: Do you want to get your Apps and Devices to work together? Then try IFFT! IFFT which stands for ‘If This Then That’ is a tool that helps you connect several apps and make your job easier managing your business.
  5. Helpscout: Effectively handle your customer service with Helpscout. Helpscout helps you with the right content, email support platform, and live chat for your business. Helpscout is like your ideal customer service team.
  6. Hootsuite: Every e-commerce business needs an active social media platform and not only that, you need to be able to manage your social media platforms for optimal results effectively. Hootsuite comes in handy here. Hootsuite is your ideal social media management tool.
  7. FreshBooks: Your accounting just got more comfortable with this tool. FreshBooks helps you to manage and pay bills, expense tracking, time tracking, and payroll functions, etc.
  8. PayPal: Every e-commerce business needs an effective online payment system, and PayPal is one. Also, PayPal enables you to send money online worldwide.
  9. Expensify: This tool helps you track your expenses all in one place. This finance management App will help you get hold of your finances without stress.
  10. Canva: design wonderful graphics in minutes! With Canva, you can create graphics for your e-commerce website as well as social media platforms.

Which of the above tools do you use? Let’s hear from you below!

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