OPay Is Handing Out Freebies But Maybe It Should First Try Fixing Its App

By  |  September 16, 2019

Ever since OPay got off the ground, it has been one milestone after another. The company has put a great deal of effort into becoming popular with some “unbelievable” sales strategies.

While keeping one eye of its ride-hailing and fintech competitors, the platform has also expanded almost like no other startup has done before. On the backs of a massive VC war chest, OPay has had no trouble giving rides and delivering customers food for next to nothing

But maybe all that energy should rather go into something more pressing, like making its platform work properly. It’s as though the effort to become popular and garner plenty of users is turning things the other way around. A lot of users have aired their experiences and shortcomings regarding the application. So far, it has not been anything but pleasant. 

OPay App Support Not Helping

According to the reports we’ve been getting, the OPay app is getting a lot of attention in a lot of western Nigerian states. From Ibadan to Akure and Ogun to Lagos, it’s either the app is being praised for a sales promo unlike any other or for giving users stress while operating them. 

As noticed from our end, the support on the app does not respond to queries. While testing, we noticed that it’s either the system is faulty or too busy being bombarded with other requests.

It’s highly expected that Nigerians would flock to this app to get food for heavily discounted prices. Not only that, but the fact that the meals get delivered to doorsteps throughout September is an indication that the app is going to have to create room for thousands – if not millions of people. OPay should have seen this coming – that’s if the issues are actually new.

Nevertheless, the tweeted complaints are getting responses. The company’s official Twitter page is extending apologies and suggesting that the issues would be resolved.

Users from Enugu and other states in eastern Nigeria are also affected. The OPay app is being used there because the Opera-founded company recently expanded to these places with a tricycle-hailing service. As is apparent, OTrike has issues too, because it basically runs on the same app. 

Some Rides And Deliveries Not Forthcoming

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In what was a quiet launch, OPay seems to have also expanded to Jos. In the northern Nigerian state, it’s all tricycles for the meantime. While it’s yet to be realized whether Jos residents are facing the same issues, it likely that they are. In other states, users are agitated that booked rides do not come through. Reportedly, getting a refund also has its share of hamstrings. 

College student Habeeb Bombata, the creator of the Currensee app, shared his OPay app story earlier today via his Twitter handle. According to him, it proved difficult for an ORide pilot to locate him and for him to fund his wallet.

At the end of the day, after finally deciding to pay cash for the late-arriving driver, he was still charged for his former, canceled booking.

What Else?

That’s not all, not yet. As far back as last month, a certain tirade was born out of the OPay app glitch. The person, i pee handsfree said he ran into a lot of trees trying to get the app to work. From email verification to customer service, password recovery and general, product architecture, the thread makes it look as though there were more issues than breakthroughs. 

It’s not news for mobile apps to develop issues. But when a customer’s money and comfort are on the line, things can go further south in little time. Either OPay Nigeria finds a solution quickly, or they could risk settling for a “sales promo gone wrong” cliche.

There’s been a high turnout of patronage in the states OPay newly launched. But to keep the mobile finance steam running and retain brand identity, the technicalities need to be addressed pronto. 

OPay is backed by a big company and a consortium of high-flying investors, most of which are Chinese. The Opera web browser itself was developed by Opera Software which is based in Oslo, Norway. In the last four years, the browser ranked No. 2 in usage in Africa – after Chrome. 

After so many years of testing the African market, the firm saw it fit to come out with these products. It’s now an opinion that better is expected from Opera, with their track record, tech history, and caliber of investor backing. However, some people beg to differ, bearing in mind that any company can come under fire at any time. 

Featured Image: IT News Africa.

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