Launching WT Premium Elite For African Data Enthusiasts

By  |  September 30, 2021

When we launched WeeTracker, we did so with a data-centric publication capturing the 2017 venture landscape in Africa. And, here we are today!

Data and numbers are core to our journalism, and more often than not, the starting point of our articles. Over the years, we have created a rich pool of information covering more than 2500 companies, both private and public.

As an invested player in the African tech ecosystem, we have religiously tracked and accumulated investment data from 2012 onwards. Our insight-driving content about the startup ecosystem often has data checks at multiple levels.

After uncovering some insightful stories and reports on the back of our data pool, we decided to open this treasure for our esteemed readers. While we iron out the last leg of our offering, we want to roll exciting offers for our readers.

We are adding one more exciting option for our readers – WT Premium Elite. With this new offering, our users would have:

  • Access to our database of 2500+ African private and public companies.
  • Access to deal data from 2010.
  • Advanced search and download option.
  • 4000+ articles.
  • 15+ research reports.
  • Premium videos.
  • Access to conferences and networking events
  • $50 K startup deals.
  • Premium newsletters.

Here is our pre-launch offer:

Subscribe to WT Annual Premium now and get upgraded to WT Premium Elite, priced at $120 for free (on launch). That saves you 50% straight.

Only 3 lucky winners who register during the campaign period will get a chance to avail this opportunity. The offer is valid for annual subscriptions between 28th Sept to 8th October 2021.

For more information on subscription and the offer, please contact [email protected]

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