WeeTracker and AFEX Announce Masterclass Sessions For Upcoming Startups

By  |  April 2, 2024

WeeTracker Media is proud to announce its partnership with AFEX to launch a series of Masterclass sessions for African companies. WeeTracker has been a critical player in the African ecosystem for a long time, gathering insights, information, and progress of young companies. On the other hand, AFEX, recognized as the fastest-growing company in Africa by the Financial Times, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge across building and scaling markets to this collaboration.

The Masterclass sessions will provide a platform for startups and other ecosystem players to learn from experienced founders, investors, and tech builders. The inaugural session of the Masterclass series will be held in Nairobi, and participation will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are only 30 seats available for early-stage startups (MVP to Pre-Series A), and there is no participation fee for startups. 

The partnership aims to impart valuable insights and knowledge to early-stage startups through Masterclass sessions on company building. This initiative will assist upcoming companies in navigating the complexities they encounter, from fundraising to exits. WeeTracker believes such initiatives will help establish stronger fundamentals and create more investable companies in the ecosystem. AFEX will share its decade-long experience building a Pan-African exchange platform in Africa that meets the criteria of sound fundamentals. 

“We are thrilled to be kicking off this partnership with WeeTracker to democratise knowledge sharing for players in Africa’s business ecosystem”, says Mariam Tobun, Vice President of Corporate Services at AFEX. “A philosophy we hold at AFEX is the indistinguishable place of capacity building and cooperation before competition, and this masterclass presents that opportunity to have a safe space for the next generation of innovators to be curious and learn”, she expressed. 

The Masterclass series is an incredible opportunity for startups to gain valuable insights and knowledge from industry experts.

NJ, Co-founder of WT, said, “There are few democratized templates or playbooks for building companies, especially for African startups. As a result, the best chance for companies to succeed is by learning from each other. I am thrilled to have AFEX on board, as they understand the importance of knowledge sharing. It’s commendable that they have partnered with us to establish a culture of co-building”.

For more information about the Masterclass sessions and to book your seat, please follow the link here.

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