Dennis Waweru

Dennis Waweru

From Smartphone Factory To Electric Cars, What Can Kenya Learn From Rwanda?

If there is a nation that has been slowly been making tides that almost surprises everyone, it’s Rwanda. Weeks ago

Meet Basil Okpara Jr., A Nine-Year-Old Nigerian Who Has Developed More Than 30 Mobile Games

Yes, you read it right, a 9-year-old kid sits in a living room at home in the suburbs of Lagos,

This Website Is Turning People’s Selfies To Old Timey Paintings

We have had the privilege of turning ourselves to ancient shells and got how we could look like in the

The Central Bank of Kenya is Also Not Buying Into Facebook’s Libra

Remember how everyone was scared of Facebook Libra (the company’s new cryptocurrency) that had already commenced development and had its

Libra Could Take Longer To Launch Due To Regulatory Delays

Facebook’s yet-to-be-released venture into the crypto world, Libra, is still under huge fire from US government officials even before its development

NASA Systems Got Hacked Using A Raspberry Pi

This may bring up a debate of whether the geniuses behind this major scandal were really that good or whether

Why Facebook’s Libra Project is Raising So Many Eyebrows

As expected, Facebook new cryptocurrency project dubbed Libra is already a centre and attraction of controversy and many people, activities

Bitcoin ‘Ponzi Scheme’ Leaves Thousands of South Africans Hoaxed

It might be pretty official after this that Africans, in general, are in dire need of serious education about the

Here’s How Instagram Is Planning To Tackle Cyberbullying

Instagram may be one of the major social media platforms that have clearly resolved to make sure each user gets

Telkom Partners with Alphabet To Bring Project Loon To Kenya

The team at Alphabet and Kenya’s Government have struck a deal that will see the very first balloon internet service

Bitcoin Price Shoots Up, But Analysts Say It’s Only For A While

Last weekend started off great for the Bitcoin price, with the good luck pouring over to this week. And as

YouTube Recommendations Are Terrible But The Company is Working On Changing That

The Google-owned sharing platform, YouTube, is clearly on a road to redemption, this proven by the various actions they have