Exclusive: Finland’s Claned and World Vision Join Forces To Improve Teaching Quality in Kenya

By  |  March 14, 2018

Claned Group, an online learning platform, has partnered with World Vision Finland, a development and advocacy organisation, to leverage the use of digital learning solution of ClanedKids for elementary and middle-school children. The partnership was sealed in the form of a donation from Claned to World Vision.

ClanedKids is being put to use for the first time this year in Ngoswet region in Western Kenya. It combines Finnish pedagogy, artificial intelligence and enables personalised learning experience for each child. The aim is to improve their study motivation and learning results.

“In Kenya, less than 50% of the primary school age children achieve a minimum level of learning by grade four”, tells CEO Tiina Antturi from World Vision Finland.

The quality of teaching and education is an area of concern in developing countries. In Ngoswet region in Kenya, with 53 children per classroom on average and weak attendance, the room for improvement is enormous.

“We aim to find out how digitisation can help schools and students to reach and improve their learning results. We shall do this in collaboration with the local schools, authorities, students, and parents”, reveals CEO Mervi Palander from Claned Group.

Alongside ClanedKids the pilot will utilise a reading game developed in Finland called Graphogame. Additionally, the pilot will use the 21st Century Skills framework and a tool for the assessment of broad-based competencies, which has been developed in Finland by Claned Group and ELE Finland Ltd.

World Vision Finland CEO Tiina Antturi (L) received the donation from Claned Group Director Mariam Shodeinde (R) in Geneva this year

These tools help the teachers to analyse their progress on the goals of the Core Curriculum. Schools can also utilise the tool to improve the collaboration between teachers and distributing responsibilities over how to teach the broad-based competencies on a local level, describes Palander about the future challenge.

“We are delighted and excited to receive this donation. World Vision has several decades of experience in working in challenging conditions in extreme poverty. Together with Claned, we can find new, scalable solutions to create a lasting, positive change in the lives of children”, states Antturi.

The donation took place in late January at the “New Technologies – A Solution to Global Challenges?” – Seminar in Geneva, organised by Claned Group and The Permanent Mission of Finland. Computer manufacturer Lenovo donates the required laptop computers for the project.

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