A Comprehensive Guide On How Businesses Can Outsource Smaller Tasks

By  |  July 17, 2018

As a startup founder, one of the things you need to learn early enough in business is how to wear so many hats. You need to know your numbers, know how to market your products and sell, know how to attract and recruit the right team members, know how to schedule emails, and so on.

However, there comes a time when you need to learn how to outsource some tasks that can save you more time and give you the opportunity to focus your attention on running your business or the creative aspect of your business.

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As you grow your revenue and handle larger projects; you begin to realise that you need help. And when you begin to outsource smaller tasks, it gives you the opportunity to be more productive and focus on what you are best at.

When you outsource some tasks, you could be saving yourself a lot of stress and time. Imagine the number of hours you would take in balancing your books or crafting advertising copies. If you, however, choose to outsource these tasks, you get to save more time and direct your energy to something else for your business.

Outsourcing isn’t just about delegating tasks; it is about working smartly by knowing when to hire help and what to focus your attention on.

There is almost no task you can’t outsource, and there are so many websites available to connect you with the right personnel for your jobs.

According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey,  57% of businesses claim that outsourcing enables them to focus on core business functions.

Some of the tasks you can outsource are writing and editing, transcribing, administrative duties, accounting, human resources, digital marketing, research, bookkeeping, taxes, design and imagery, sales and marketing, database management, customer service, logistics, and so on.

It is not enough to outsource your tasks; you must outsource smartly. This is because if you fail to outsource intelligently; you lose more money rather than save money.

When it gets to the point that you and your current employees can’t handle your day-to-day activities, perhaps it’s time to outsource some tasks.

How then do you effectively outsource smaller tasks as a startup founder? Here are some tips for you:

Have a Brand Guide before Outsourcing: If you are thinking of outsourcing tasks like social media management, graphic design, or writing; it is essential to have a brand guide in place that comprehensively explains your brand voice to your new hires. This helps them get acquainted with your brand and how you want your brand to be perceived.

Read the reviews: Don’t hire someone without finding out how they have helped others and what other employees are saying about them. Reviews can save you a whole lot of stress and help you make better decisions.

Communication is key: Never outsource a task to someone who would be difficult to communicate with. It is important to make sure there are robust communication systems in place to help you effectively relate with the person.

Always use a contract: Always use a deal and always state your terms precisely.

Consider legal issues: Always draw up a non-disclosure agreement where applicable and consider other important legal issues that might come up.

Use effective tools to your advantage: There are so many tools that can help you effectively manage a remote team. Some of them are WhatsApp, Trello, Slack, Asana, etc.

Set clear milestones: Before you outsource a task, set clear and achievable milestones for the person so that he or she would know what is expected and what success means for your company.

Stay actively involved: Just because you have outsourced a task to someone doesn’t mean you should stay completely hands-off! You need to be able to monitor the person and know if they are on the right track or not.

Let your core expertise be in-house: Make sure the core expertise needed for your business remains in the house. For instance, if you are a software development company, you need to have your key developers in the house to keep an eye on them better.

If you are considering outsourcing some tasks, here are some useful websites for you to get the right personnel:







Bitsy Task

People Per Hour

Do you outsource your tasks or you plan to outsource some of them? Do drop your comments below; we would love to hear from you.

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