5 Tips To Help You Build The Right Startup Business Structure

By  |  August 31, 2018

Every business needs an effective business structure. Does your start-up have the right business structure?

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A capable business structure will help your business succeed and would be adequate support for your business in the long run. As your company grows, you need the right structure to help your startup and team members be more productive and maximize profits.

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According to Business.com, “An organizational structure prevents a company from falling apart as it undergoes changes that are essential for growth.”

Here are 5 tips to help you build the right structure:

Who are your current team members? According to TechRepublic, “The first hires you make will be some of the most important hiring decisions you make.” You have to hire people who share a similar vision, values, and passion like you so that you all are on the same page.

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Clearly define roles and responsibilities: One of the significant things you need to do to build an effective business structure is to set the roles and responsibilities of your team members clearly. Who are they, what do they do, who do they report to, who are they responsible for? Don’t just determine the roles and responsibilities; you should also specify the hierarchy. Here you need to be understandable and specific; avoid vague descriptions and terms. You can make use of an organizational chart to clearly show roles and hierarchies.

Hiring and Retaining Plan: How do you plan to recruit new hires? What are the qualifications, experiences, and expertise you look out for? Not only that, you need to think about the best channels to look for new hires and how you intend to equip and empower them in the long run. For instance, what are the welfare and training packages you have in place for the people you plan to hire?

Create clear operating procedures: Not everyone you hire would immediately understand how you run things in your company. And so, you need to create operating procedures or hire professionals that would help you detail the processes involved in your service offerings or goods production. This helps them avoid mistakes and confusions. It also helps your new hires to understand the systemized process of your business and also keep them more productive and also reduce the time it takes to train a new hire.

Delegate: Once you have created a clear operating procedure, it would be easier for you to delegate tasks to your team members. And so, don’t just distribute tasks, create a monitoring and evaluation platform for you to identify how productive your team members are.

Creating a start-up business structure is an ongoing process, and so, you need to always leave room for reviews. Always put a system in place for review. Regularly review your company operations to understand if you are improving or not as well as areas to make adjustments when needed.

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