SAFCOIN Introduces Plug-And-Play Cryptocurrency Mining Opportunities In South Africa

By  |  February 12, 2019

Limited opportunity for start-up miners to join the cryptocurrency mining revolution

Massive, power-intensive cryptocurrency mining farms have forced many small miners out of the market and made it nearly impossible for others to launch competitive mining businesses.

Not anymore.

SAFCOIN, the exclusive South African cryptocurrency, wants to open up the market to small and start-up miners, with a plug-and-play mining opportunity. Valid for three years, SAFCOIN mining lets you earn a passive monthly income with over 300% in SAF return on your investment.


SAFCOIN is an exclusive South African cryptocurrency. It was built by South Africans with the aim of democratising cryptocurrency for the whole of Africa. “We want to empower ordinary citizens to join the cryptocurrency revolution, by making trading simple and easy to understand.”

“Our vision is to develop an intracontinental money-sending and e-commerce platform that lets Africans send money to friends and families and trade with businesses anywhere on the continent – instantly and with zero transaction fees. We believe that we can revolutionise trade on the continent by making it possible to transact with anyone, any business, anywhere, minus the middleman,” added Neil Ferreira, CEO, SAFCOIN.

After a successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in 2018, SAFCOIN officially launched on an exclusive South African Exchange on 13 December. “We have since opened two customer support centres – one in the Western Cape and one in East London – to help people set up their cryptocurrency wallets and learn about how cryptocurrency works.”

And, as a start-up business ourselves, we’re on a mission to help new, and emerging crypto miners succeed in a highly competitive market.

Cryptocurrency mining South Africa

How the SAFCOIN mining opportunity works

The exclusive, limited-offer SAFCOIN mining opportunity is open to all South Africans. You don’t need previous mining experience – or any tech experience, for that matter – and you don’t need expensive hardware. All you need is a reliable power supply, an Internet connection, and a router to plug your pre-setup mining machine into. Then sit back and enjoy guaranteed maximum crypto rewards while your machine does all the work, helping us to validate transactions and create coins.

SAFCOIN mining will run for the next six years, with a new block created every 2.5 minutes.

Choose from a number of once-off mining packages – all valid for three years, with the option to renew. Packages range from R1,500 to R100,000, all with guaranteed monthly rewards.

Stop trying to compete with huge mining farms and start generating your passive monthly income from your start-up mining business today.

But hurry, packages are limited.

For more information, please reach out at email [email protected].

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