Incubators vs Accelerators: Identifying Which Is Right For Your Startup

As an individual who just came aboard the entrepreneurship train and is still learning the ropes, it might take some

Nzekwe Henry December 12
Here’s How To Craft A Winning Startup Business Plan

A kickass business plan can be to a startup what a winning game plan is to a soccer team. Starting

Nzekwe Henry December 5
The Funding Conundrum: Why Seeking External Funds Might Not Be a Good Idea For Startups

There is a lot of fuss around the subject of raising funding and its importance to a startup’s chances of

Nzekwe Henry December 2
So You’ve Raised Seed Investment For Your Startup, Now What?

So it finally paid off — all those endless sessions on strategy, countless hours of talking potential clients into getting

Nzekwe Henry November 22
5 Customer Retention Tips For E-Commerce Businesses

Every African business owner wants to retain customers. Do you know that it is more expensive to gain new customers

8 Useful Product Photography Tips For Your E-commerce Website

Do you know that your product photography can often determine whether someone buys from you or not? One of the

SEO Tips For E-commerce Businesses

Every e-commerce business owner wants to gain visibility and sell products to their ideal audience. One of the ways to

5 Facebook Ads Tips for E-commerce Stores

As an E-commerce business owner, you need to master your digital marketing in order to make more sales and reach

5 Ways To Reduce Cart Abandonment

One of the things most e-commerce business owners do not like is cart abandonment. Imagine seeing a lot of items

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5 Ways To Gain Brand Exposure On Social Media

Are you gaining enough brand exposure on social media? Do you know that you can achieve maximum exposure on social

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